royal Moore Nissan Presents the Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX

The Z Legacy: For the past twenty-five years, the only thing able to catch us has been praise

In the evolution of the sports car, the year 1969 may be considered a milestone. That year marked the debut of Nissan's Z car. Everything was different after that. Italian and British roadsters no longer owned the road. Enthusiasts rewrote their wish lists. And the critics searched for new superlatives. The 1996 300ZX is a product of some of the most forward thinking in the automotive industry. And yet, some things haven't changed. Consider, for example, what the critics are still saying.

For creating the Z, Nissan gave its engineers the best tool in the car business -- a clean shet of paper. And the chance to start from scratch. Z development originated with an obsession to create the very best.

Nothing should come in just one flavor. Least of all our ultimate sports car. One of the five distinctive models is just right for your palate. A model engineered to suit every type of enthusiast driver.

Nissan's engineers faced a difficult task -- topping the critically acclaimed 300ZX. But now, their solution seems obvious. Don't top it at all. The spirited high-performance alternative to a sheltered life.

With their high performance disposition and sleek, refined design, these two additional models might just make your selection even more difficult. 2-seaters and 2+2: other variations on the same impressive theme.

The normally aspirated VG30DE and turbocharged VG30DET 3.0-Liter V6 engines are two of the most technilogically advanced on the planet. Intensive power emanates from the heart of this dynamic machine.

Accomplishing the Z's goal of balanced performance required an obsessive attention to detail. Therefore, the engineers left absolutely nothing to chance. Components meticulously integrated in order to perfect the whole.

Existing 4-Wheel steering systems were inadequate for the job the suspension engineers had in mind for the the Turbo Z. New ground had to be broken in order to achieve the ultimate.

The main concern when the engineers laid out the Z's cockpit was putting the driver at the very center of control. An interior that intelligently combines both function and comfort.

Nissan's commitment to build the best sports car in the world is obviously more than skin deep. It permeates every aspect of the 1996 300 ZX. And here are the specs to prove it.

The Z is a very special car. And to Nissan, it doesn't stop being special the day you drive it off the lot. It is backed by our ongoing commitment to you. A commitment that extends to every aspect of vehicle ownership.