Larger Intercoolers (CARB-Legal)

Longer engine life, more power.
If you thought all the possible power improvements had already been developed for the 300ZX Twin-Turbo, think again! STILLEN has upped the size of the Intercoolers, reduced the pressure drop, reshaped the internal contour and improved the mounting technique to be the absolute best. These developments, combined with a new state-of-the-art intercooler core, will make more reliable-horsepower for your Twin-Turbo than had been previously made available by anyone. The new size (3.5" X 9.375" X 8.375"), translates into more cooling efficiency. As intake temperatures are reduced, more air and fuel molecules can be drawn in per intake stroke (referred to as a denser charge). This creates a more potent mixture for the power stroke (read more horsepower) even at the same relative boost level. This is where the fun begins, you can now turn up the boost level and experience more power with the addition of items like Computer Upgrade, Larger Injectors, EVC, Sport Turbos, etc.