Electronic Valve Controller "EVC" -for more legal turbo boost

A necessity for those wanting to take advantage of higher boost pressure now that they have upgraded other performance related equipment, the EVC provides immediate, push button selection of preset levels of boost. All selections are accessed from within the cockpit with fingertip controls. Unit can be hidden or mounted for easy access with the "DIN" mounting kit that sets the unit below the stereo in the center console. The EVC employs a cockpit control module and an electronic control valve which is mounted underhood in close proximity to the wastegate. The two units are linked by a shielded wiring harness which is routed through the firewall. Microprocessor controlled for precision, the EVC continuously delivers information to the wastegates instructing them to more-evenly regulate pressure during all load conditions. The microprocessor also allows the wastegates to get closer to the preset boost levels quicker-allowing for a sharper rise in boost pressure. Because of the sharper boost rise, it is typical for an EVC equipped vehicle to develop more horsepower sooner than a vehicle equipped with a stock boost regulator or even a mechanically adjusted unit set to the same pressure.

90-96 300ZX Twin-Turbo
Part #603050 (stock turbos)
Part #603090 (sport turbos)