Twin POP-Charger


90-95 300ZX Twin POP-Charger

POP-Charger air filters are designed for maximum air flow by using a 6" diameter venturi surrounded by an oiled gauze filter element. The filter element is reusable after cleaning and reapplying filter oil. Horsepower increases from 4 HP on non-turbos to 18 HP on the 300ZXTT are typical. Available for most late-model Nissans.

POP-Charger aluminum venturis are made from lightweight cast aluminum and CNC machined by us to ensure a quality fit. Special bolt patterns can be requested if we don't have your application.

Note that this configutation is based in a double POP-Charger and the mass air sensor is set on one side of the intakes, the computer must be reprogramed to read one half of the total air incoming.