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"...Just as they're about to catch me... twin... turbos... kick... in..."

300zx blanco 1991 380 wrp This is the STRAMAN Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 1991 Convertible Red One Cessna Centurio C210L 1975 Prindle 19
300ZX Twin Turbo 380 Wrp.,_____ 300ZX Twin Turbo Straman_______ CESSNA Centurion C210L____ Prindle 19' Catamaran_____
camino del inca Atacama Chile Rallye Los Pharaones Egipto Cuba en motocicleta desde Chile Tarapaca Desert chile 2007
Camino del inca Chile_____ Pharaon Rally Egypt_______ Around CUBA on a motorcycle____ Tarapaca Desert chile 2007_____
Desierto de Atacama 1993 1998 Carretera Austral Chile Puerto Montt a punta Arenas joaquin Mapas carreteros de la Republica de CHILE
Desierto de Atacama 1993-98_____ Carretera Austral Chile_______ Isidora Macarena y Joaquin____ Mapas de la Republica de CHILE
Service Repair Manual Commercials Big brembo brakes Wav B&BTriflo Wav2 Video 300zx
420 HP., Unorthodox 6 pounds pulley, Nismo Oil Cooler, Howe Water Radiator, B & B Triflo twin 3" exhaust, Cone air filter,
Aluminum large inter-coolers, New engine, New turbos 15 psi. Boost,, JWT Computer.

Imagine if we could afford this exceptional McLaren F1 (It is the only car for which i would exchange any of the 300zx i drive). It goes 392 Km/Hr some 245 Mi/Hr and 60 Miles in 3 Seconds

......The Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo ( stock )develops 6bhp more than the Honda NSX and reaches 60mph in 0.1 second's less. It's half the cost of the NSX, half as ugly as the Toyota Supra and half as techno-brash as the Mitsubishi 3000GT.

Everybody should have one. Enjoy the ride
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